Thursday, December 16, 2010

We hate Tupperware, not life.

If life was a like Tupperware drawer, you would be the bendy lid.

Except that life IS like a Tupperware drawer, as Hallie and I discovered in what started out as a joke about life being like a Tupperware drawer, and what ended in a harrowing realization that life is exactly like a Tupperware drawer.

Unstacking the dishwasher of its TW contents, Hallie said "I hate Tupperware," which needed no further clarification or questioning because, really, enough said. Like if someone said "I love ice-cream," and the other person said "why?" the other person would be stupid. So instead I said "I bet you can tell a lot about people based on their TW drawers. Think about it. I once saw a very nicely organized T drawer in Colorado and it made me think that the owners must be wonderful people with fulfilling lives." It wasn't the avalanche of Tupperware that I'm used to: its lids were neatly arranged in order of size so that they corresponded with their container counterparts which were also stacked biggest-to-smallest. A profusion of containers were quietly stored in this wonderous drawer, never to explode on anybody.

And so we thought about it.

My T collection reflects my lifestyle. If I am responsible with my first 3-pack of Ziplock Tupperwares (they aren't stained with tomato and all of their lids still exist), I am rewarded with fresh and well contained food items. So pleased am I with my food storage system that I purchase another 3 pack. Or a 4 pack of assorted sizes. Or like, Rubbermaid ones that can hold lava.

The better steward I am of my TW, the more fulfilled I am by them and the more TW I get to own. In other words: Faithful with a little bit, faithful with a lot.


This isn't an easy task. TW's are tricky bastards. Their lids become bendy in the dishwasher when all you wanted to do was clean them. Setback. Good intentions, bad outcome = hard life, friends. Hopefully you learned your lesson though. If you didn't, your lids will never fit and you'll be stuck in a cycle of "WTF stupid bendy lid? You make my containers leak!" for the rest of your life. If you would just read the label and wash the lids in the sink next time, your non-fitting misery will end. Break the cycle.I know. It's harrowing.

I should stop drinking before blogging.